TodayRyazhsky ARZ JSC is a modern technological production with a full cycle, which has all the necessary shops and services for the manufacture of products. Now the plant produces more than 40 models of municipal and road vehicles, with constant improvement of technological processes by means of application of CNC machines and systems of automated design.

The constant improvement is done in technological processes of machine parts and assembly manufacturing with the view of creation of low-waste and non-waste technologies, and automation of assembly works. Modern equipment – guillotine shears, bending machines are used with CNC for manufacturing blanks from sheet metal. To cut curved or complex shaped parts, the plant has organized a section of plasma cutting machines.


The mechanical assembly shop of the plant along with mechanical processing of parts also performs assembly of units and finished products. To reduce costs, the workpiece is cut on band saws with CNC. Parts are processed on both universal and specialized machines.

For more precise products, such as hydraulic cylinders, metal processing is done on CNC lathes or units. The shop performs a full range of metal processing operations, including assembly areas: a hydraulic cylinder fabrication area, wood shredder fabrication area and road machine components area.

Welding sections of assembly shops produce assemblies and products on modern welding equipment, on stands, in welding conductors or fixtures, which ensure their accuracy and interchangeability.

All the welding stations are equipped with compact and reliable welding semi-automatic machines which provide reliable and high-quality connection.

To manufacture the specified products, the plant has organized a production flow which is a sequential execution of various technological operations. Separate workplaces are organized in the corresponding places of the flow. In order to increase productivity and production automation, a robotized welding line has been installed at the plant, which allows producing high quality units of garbage trucks.

At the assembly areas of the workshops the whole product – a vehicle  is assembled from the units, assemblies and separate parts. The hydraulic system used in production is of the HDC (Heavy Duty Components) type and consists of top quality components (fittings according to DIN 2353 and tubes according to DIN 2391). All the components are from leading European manufacturers.

  • CAST S.p.A
  • Walvoil

The quality of the assembly work has a significant impact on the operational characteristics of the machine, its reliability and durability, therefore, only most highly qualified workers are involved in the final assembly.

The process of painting of vehicles is carried out in a special paint shop equipped with modern highly-efficient equipment and tools, which ensures excellent quality of coating when applying paint materials.

The paint shop includes painting, drying, paint preparation departments and storage of enamels, paints and stencils. Paint and varnish materials of NPK YARLI PJSC are used at the enterprise.

On customers' requests we can use paint materials of the following trade marks:


Any color range is possible, including the logo of the operating company.


Introduction of the technology of shot blast cleaning of metal constructions in an inhabited jet-abrasive chamber has improved adhesion properties of paint and varnish protective coatings, which made it possible to preserve aesthetic and operational properties of the products, especially of those operating outdoors. The blast chamber was manufactured by Thermal-Spray-Tec LLC, Moscow.


To remove scales and traces of corrosion from the surface of rolled carbon steel, steel shot blasting is used. To prepare the surface before applying protective paint and varnish coatings, an effective method of jet-abrasive shot blasting is used. The shot is accelerated in the nozzle with compressed air. The processing takes place in closed chambers by operators manually using personal protective gear. Such chambers are called inhabited blast chambers.


The equipment is painted in an OSKAS painting and drying chamber ( developed on the basis of advanced technologies, manufactured on the modern and high-precision equipment using high-quality and reliable components, which provides stability in quality of protection of garbage truck equipment with the help of paint coating.


The Quality control policy at Ryazhsky ARZ JSC officially proclaims long-term conditions in the field of quality for production of municipal and road machinery. The main goal of the staff of Ryazhsky ARZ JSC is the production of municipal and road machines that meet the demands and expectations of customers.

High quality of the produced vehicles is the main factor in attracting customers and the basis of financial well-being of the company. Quality is ensured by modern design of machines, stability of applied processes, high qualification and discipline of employees.

The management of Ryazhsky ARZ JSC undertakes to select personnel that meet qualification standards, to conduct a continuous technical training, to use mentoring, if necessary to rotate employees. We build our relations with suppliers and partners on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, recognition of mutual achievements, responsibility and prompt problem solving. The management of Ryazhsky ARZ JSC considers it necessary and obligatory to assume the functions of a leader in the field of creation, implementation and continuous improvement of the quality control system at the enterprise.

A.Yu. Kalmykov,

General Director of Ryazhsky ARZ JSC

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650 employees work at our enterprise
Metal is treated on CNC lathes or machining centers
At the assembly areas of the shops, units, sub-assemblies and individual parts are used to assemble a whole product - a vehicle.
Metal rolling and bending on CNC machines
A robotic welding line is introduced
Any color range is possible, including the logo/trade mark of the operating organization.
Introduction into the production process of the technology of blast cleaning of metal structures in an inhabited jet-abrasive chamber improved the adhesion properties of paint protective coatings.
OSKAS The equipment painted in an OSKAS paint drying chamber