Equipment for forestry (RCPEA-2 code
Equipment for forestry (RCPEA-2 code
  • Rotational rate of blades: 760-950 n-1
  • Average branch diameter, mm: 60 (dry)
  • 120 (raw):

It easily transforms cut tree branches up to 120 mm in diameter into fine wood chips, which can be easily transported in the back of a dump truck, cart or sacks. The chips do not burn well and can therefore be stored in landfills.

Wood chips are an excellent raw material for ecologically clean compost, which is profitable to use in landscaping farms.

The machine is available in two versions: motor-driven and as a replacement equipment for МТЗ-82 tractor. As a replacement equipment for МТЗ-82 tractor, it is mounted on the rear suspension of the tractor within 10 minutes and can be easily removed for replacement with other equipment. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS ИДО-30

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