Tractor sweeping self-loading trailer ПТП (TS) ПТП
Tractor sweeping self-loading trailer ПТП (TS) ПТП
  • Type of main traction tractor: МТЗ-80, МТЗ-82
  • Type of actuator drive: Hydraulic
  • Type of hydraulic pump drive: Mechanical, from independent power take-off shaft (PTO) of the tractor

The best solution for road cleaning:


·         high performance;

·         unique maneuverability on the road;

·         universal application for roads of different purposes;

·         high cleaning quality;

·         overloading of sweepings into the body of a dump truck;

·         remote control of cleaning parameters;

·         absolute dust-free operation of the brushes;

·         constant pressure force of the trough brushes;

·         reliable operation of hydraulic equipment regardless of pile wear.

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