Municipal machine MK-4545-06 series MMK-1 is designed for washing off various contaminants and residues of household waste directly on the sites of accumulation of household waste containers of all existing standards: EN 840-1, DIN 30740, DIN 30700, EN 840-2, EN 840-3, according to sanitary requirements. Washing of the container is carried out with cold water at high pressure and at plus ambient temperature. MMK-1 processes the tanks directly on the container site ‒ the containers are loaded into it and the whole process takes place inside a special washing chamber in the car body, where both external and internal surfaces of the container are washed. The water remaining in the chamber after washing is removed by means of a drainage system into a special compartment for dirty water. A washing gun with an inertia reel is provided for washing the container itself.

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Municipal machine of MMK-1 series (container washing)
  • Chassis brand: КАМАЗ
  • Wheel formula: 4 х 2
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