Joint Stock Company "Ryazhsky avtoremontnyi zavod"

We offer you favorable terms and acceptable prices to buy garbage trucks and combined road vehicles of various modifications and on various chassis. All equipment of 'Ryazhsky Avtoremontniy Zavod' (Ryazhsky ARZ) has high performance, is reliable and unpretentious in operation.

The company's website provides technical specifications, photos and descriptions of models of garbage trucks, combined road vehicles and other equipment.

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Alexander Yuryevich KalmykovGeneral Director of "Ryazhsky ARZ" JSC”
‒ We guarantee that our utility equipment makes waste collection, removal, disposal and year-round street and highway maintenance be simple, safe and comfortable with due quality
Vehicles for public utilities

Garbage trucks produced by Ryazhsky ARZ are used for mechanized or manual collection of solid domestic waste and bulky garbage.


Depending on the tasks you can purchase vehicles to work:

  • with a large shoulder of solid waste removal;
  • in cramped city conditions;
  • to service routes with a mixed fleet of containers (metal containers 0,75 m³, euro containers up to 1,1 m³), with containers-boats up to 8 m³.
«Multilift» loaders

Multilift is a heavy-duty vehicle which is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that performs loading and unloading operations.

The cargo is moved in the longitudinal axis in relation to the platform. It is designed to work with interchangeable equipment of combined road vehicles or standard interchangeable containers.

The hook grapple is the most common mechanism with the lifting frame in the L-shape. At the short end of the frame there is a hook device which engages with a return drawbar on the swap structure. After the replacement cassette is installed, it is fixed on the platform by special hydraulically operated locking devices and a loading hook.

The main advantages of the hook grapple are minimal loading time (up to 1 min.), reliable fixing of the replacement body, and a high transportation speed. On customer's request, containers of other volumes can be installed.


Combined Road Vehicles

Combined road vehicles are designed for a year-round maintenance of paved roads.

All our road vehicles are equipped with a control system that provides automatic regulation of the width and density of the pavement regardless of the speed of the vehicle.

At the customer's request, the vehicle is equipped with a GLONASS/GPS navigation system, which allows transmitting real-time information on equipment operation modes to the remote computer.

For winter road maintenance

For summer road maintenance

For all-season road maintenance

Attachments for combined road vehicles

Service station for your vehicle
Do you already have a vehicle for communal use, but it needs servicing? We do that too
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